Currently 23 year old student in Master 2 at Supinfogame Rubika Valenciennes
   in Game, Level Design and Management

I am preparing a Master 2 in Game Level Design and Management
Passionate About 3D !

Teamwork focused attitude, self-motivated and open to anything new.
Strong passion for new softwares, skills, and practice.
Finalist at the Alt-Ctrl-GDC 2018. (GD / Artist)

My hobbies:
-Multiplayer video games (Mostly Coop or Competitive FPS and Battle Royale (Apex, Overwatch, PUBG, CS:GO, TF2), MMO (Guild Wars 2), I also love lans!)
-3D modeling
-Computer Building and Reparing (Old and New Hardware)
-Board games (Traditional, Magic The Gathering)
-Historical medieval reconstruction and medieval martial arts
-Seasonal Airing Animes
-Movies (StarWars, Fantasy, blockbusters)
-Reading (from news to fantasy, Favorite: David Gemmell, Robin Hobb)

Strong interest for 3D modeling, Texturing and shaders. Currently trying to learn more about proceduralism and realtime raytracing.

Native French, Fluent English (International Experience)
Driving License
Willing to relocate


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Game Designer

Game Design is my main specialty field.
Making the player feel and experience matches the design intentions.

I have a more a more technical approaches and I like solving problems with prototypes and documentation. (Main focuses on Camera, Controls and Mechanics).

Strong interest for Rationalization as a tool for Game, Level Design and balancing.

During my formation I had the opportunity to practice being the Lead Designer and project Manager as well as following others design intentions.

Level Designer

Level Design is my second specialty with a real interest in world design and multiplayer maps.

As a player I enjoy good multiplayer driven games and I’m fascinated by the level flow we can build using modern knowledge, techniques and experiences.

I enjoy translating intentions and feelings into an exciting experience for players through various interactions and paths for mastering their environment.

I Regularly program scripts on various prototypes during the technical realization of associated levels.

3D Artist

I’m self-taught 3D environment artist with passion for real-time challenges and proceduralism.

I always got a strong interest for drawing, CGI Animation and VFX. During my studies I got introduced to 3D modeling basics and the passion grew on me.

I have a really solid knowledge of modern Games Industry production tools, pipelines and state of the art techniques.

My Main focus is on Games props and environment Assets following a High/Low poly/PBR pipeline with or without concepts.
I also got the opportunity to produce non-humanoid characters from design to Modeling, Rigging and Animation in my projects.

I also produce Shaders and VFX depending project needs.


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